Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Computer Issues
Lost my Main EHD Yestarday. (sad) It was the newer one. Something about the big white dog knocking it off the end table when I was using it. That was about six months ago best I can figure. Good news is almost everything should be Backed up to the old USB 1 EHD. Oh but it gets better. My laptop needs to go in for repairs. The kind where they send it away for who knows how long and what you get back may not be what you sent.

So Today I went to the Big City of Springfield and bought a new Desk Top to tide me over. ;o} Needless to say my software is at the ranch. Well soon it will be on its way here. . . How this effects you is all my new stuff was on the EHDs not the laptop. So the Freebie I was planning to up load will have to wait. :0( It should pop up next week. But between now and then there is a Contest to Compete In!!!!! That means Freebies For You ;0) So still keep an eye out because I only have 5 days to make the kit and post it at SAS and if you become a SAS member you can vote for your favorite designers. I would hope one would be me. ((( BLUSH))))))

Good Day Ya' ll

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