Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First Desk Top LO
Heading Home

Well I finally did it! I finished a Desk Top LO thanks to Mitsybelles Desk Top Challenge at SAS!
The Challenge Cute was just to Cute to pass up! I have to admit that my style of playing on the computer just makes having a trick desk top annoying. It is cute but it distracts my eye with all my windows open on top of it. I will probably use this LO on a 8x8 memory page. Just like I do with my ATC cards well want to do with my ATC cards lol
If you haven't checked out the Posting Bonus at SAS this month rush on over there!!! It is a baby theme with the prettiest Pastel Palette! I just might do every challenge this month no matter how busy I am or what a challenge it is. I believe this month they are going easy on us. LOL

Heading Home
I am finally heading home tomorrow. Lord Willing I will pack up my truck and head out. Well I may have to trim Kona & Amber's feet first. George and I spent the weekend hopefully managing any Fly problem that might arise. We cleaned all the Stalls and corrals Cared for the compost piles and set traps and bait, the sticky tapes where hung on Friday. Today the Fly Predators arrived and I am leaving it up to the guys to disperse them as directed on the package. Triscuts Kids are strong and healthy and Triscut has settled in quite nicely. Snickers is Happily hanging with Sara & Pecan. Triscut is starting to let Snickers play with Truffles and Sparky (This Seems to be the Black Buckling's Name)
So All is Good for Now. Oregon Here I Come!!!!
Hopefully a Camping Trip to the Beach is in Order!!!
Rest in a Worry Free environment would be a welcome change

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