Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Much To Do
So Little Time
I have been a bad blogger this week. Spring at the ranch is always hectic. Throw in a remodel/repair and a Digi Contest and well there really is No Time!
For Mothers Day we got the master bedroom sheetrocked and on Monday I got the seams taped. Today I will tape the corners and hopefully bull knose the window. So the rental is officially going back together. Yeah!!!!
When I got to the ranch George and I did some fire prevent on our access road. That took half the day and wiped us out! Rusty and the girls enjoyed all that brush and grass. Wish someone had gotten a picture of me driving the tracter with the brush piled on the box and loader I looked like a Giant Brush Monster!
Internet Issues & A Gift From God
My internet card has been acting up, part of the reason I have been scarce.
Yesterday The Very Cute Computer Repair Guy shows up at my house looking for a place to put in his High Speed Antenna to build a network!!! OK that is cool in itself. Because we are one of the best places to put the antenna, that means we get high speed first!
Now for the Excitement. Day before yesterday my internet card was Barfing on me. It finally quit!!! I had been trying to update the BIOS for weeks and could not figure out how to get past my security. lol So this computer guy shows up and for $55 he fixes my internet card and cleans up all the garbage that has accumulated on my laptop in the last year and half I have had it. Now it goes Zoooommm!!!!!!! Zooooommmmm!!!!!
God Is Good !!!!!


Darlene Haughin said...

Yes, God is good and what a blessing! Bonus: he was a CUTE computer repair guy, LOL. Have a great day!

Marie Reed said...

Cool! Maybe I should look into laptop service too. Mine has been so slooooow lately:)