Friday, April 10, 2009

Kids Camera Shy
Wheres George?
It Seems that the wee ones are a bit Camera Shy. Awh but I see that they figured out how to stay closes to Mum. LOL That would be our Caramel always eating LOL
Looks like I will be heading back to the Ranch tomorrow or Easter Sunday. Soon there will be Fancy Photos!!! I will get to sit with the Wee Ones inside and out taking tons of pics until we get a good one LOL Thanks Shawn for these little Glimpses into what I am missing.

Wheres George
After several months of holding onto it so I remembered to do it, I finally did! It, was to record a Wheres George dollar bill. All I had to do was go to and enter the bills tracking information. Come to find out when I picked that bill up in Weed, Ca it wasn't far from its initial drop off point in Alturas, Ca. LOL Now I need to spend it some where so it can go on its Merry Way. LOL I wonder why someone would stamp such a wrinkled bill any way. I thought there would be this long past. LOL

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