Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aleene Memory Page
More Outside Work Done

This Memory Page was inspired by the Inspiration Challenge at SAS. I used the PB kit My Funny Valentine by Mitsybelle I received by doing the Feb Quote Challenge at SAS. I Grabbed a paper from Mistybelles kit Softly Does it for the Journal Box and the page started with a Template from Jasjuls. I did however change that template around. I do love this template and its mate they are so versatile & Fun! This Memory page features a good friend of my DD and of course my GD. :0)


Worked Outside in Oakridge


Al & I srtraightened out the fence on the property line yestarday. Working next to that Burnt house has made me sick again. I feel like I need to live in a bubble. I think it was worth it! The view out the window is much better now and it is harder for people to hop the fence! Someday there will be a 6' wood fence over there. That won't stop that stuff I am allergic & the spiders from coming over to my house and making me sick. Awh but when the wood fence is up I will at least have some Privacy some where in my yard! You see my BY and other side yard has a Childs Fort Looking down on it. Oh Boy the neighbor boys have been known to go up there and watch me work in my yard and yell not nice things at me. So much for luvin this place. It is time to move on!


ranchlamb said...

The page looks good mom, it came out really cute. You sure do know how to put those kits and pictures to good use.

Amberpony Creates said...

AWh DD is So Sweet!!!!!!!