Friday, January 16, 2009

An Oldie But A Goodie


A Cherished Memory
This Picture always gets a laugh! We laugh because the picture is Funny! We laugh because it makes us warm inside to see our Dear Friends form a Special Time. A Time when Your Neighbor was just as Good as Family. A time when a dinner party meant the neighbors came over filling the house with Good Food, Fun Drink, Warm Happy Bodies & Lots Of Laughs no matter how bad things where. We all helped each other. I will always remember Raymond & Lucille even though we moved from that neighborhood when I was just 11.
This Quick Easy Memorable Page was Created in CS3 with Green Elegance by Mitsybelle. The Font is Vivaldi. This Page was inspired by the SAS Heritage Challenge. We where Challanged to write a story about our parents.

Here is a Preview of the Wonderfully Fancy Kit


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