Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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2 Awards


2 Challenges Completed Today Plus I Stripped the Sawdust from the Goat Barn.

Today was get rid of allergies day. It seems that the sawdust I put in my Goat House was from Madrone Trees and it caused a sinus infection. Ugh I was sitting in it with my goats working in it hanging shelves & it sent me for a Loop! I feel much better today. So basically I set out with the spray nozzle, muck bucket & shovel to tackle this job. First I watered it down really good to stop the dust and then I pushed it out the door with the shovel. waited for the dust to clear watered it down again and loaded it in the muck bucket making sure to stand out of the dust. Sprayed it down again. Then it was down to the temporary Buck pen to Dump it out for him.. Couldn't waste it LOL. That took me many trips & half the day. The Barn is now rinsed Clean and waiting for DH to load it up with the next batch of sawdust that I don't seem to be allergic to. Then we will be ready for babies that should be arriving in about a month. We have spent the last month building shelves in the Goat House and now I have my Emergency supplies in order and out of Goat Reach! LOL. Plus I have a little workshop to keep me busy when I have to sit out there with those little cuties. LOL On to the Digi End of my day. After washing the sawdust off Curly & I it waste time to take some allergie pills and take a rest at the computer!


I can't believe it I made Piggy Scraps SAS Freestyle Challenge in less then an hour! Wow it just flew together! I pulled these pictures off my Nephews Website. Thanks Gerrit!

All month I struggled with this Challenge; Funny it was just a Multi Picture LO, Uh dah I make those all the time, I was stuck on the us 6 photos in frames still No Biggie but I guess I wasn't in the mood. Then today it was oh yeah just do a Multi Photo LO I went looking for the freebie frame that Piggy Scraps gave away on her blog and found a QP a Frame and a Nice Throw and they all matched my pictures I have been wanting to scrap for a while. Just like that I was sliding things around and Bang there was This Cool Page!!!!

By the way any family member that wants the printable file all they have to do is ask. As always I made this page in the 8x8 size and it will look nice in the collection of pages that I have been making from an album my parents received for their 25th anniversary many years ago. That album has since fallen apart and pictures lost so I have been trying to piece it back together the digi way a piece at a time with a little picture history thrown in. The original was 12x12 on the thick peel and stick pages and it was very thick and heavy I am hoping to make easier handling for my parents now that they are older. My folks have been receiving their album a page at a time as I do challenges that inspire the pages to pop out like this Horsey Ride Page. I think I have more extra pages then remakes LOL but my Folks are enjoying them just as well. Wow I Got Windy Didn't I!

This Cute Memory Page of my DD & DGD was inspired by Ellen M's SASy Self Challenge. I actually started at about 1am then finished when I got up at 7am. This Challenge has been tuff for me too!

First of all I just Love the PB aren't those Penguins Adorable!!!

The Challenge was to make a LO using a Favorite Christmas Scene. The Problem being I have been doing all my favorites since the season started. Oh but I Love the Santa Hats and Aleene was so Much Fun This Year! How many ways can you take off the hat before the picture is taken LOL

I had a Great Time Playing with the SAS Christmas Blog Tain Kits (Now available at the SAS Store) Here the Skinny on what I used on this Sweet Memory Page.

Created in CS3 still Lovin This Program!

Font = Candy Time Perfect font for a Red LO

The Background Paper by Amberpony Creates (me) I made it with a Boo Boo Picture I found in my Camera LOL then I added some CU candy canes cut from an overlay.

The Jar is made from some elements created with the help of Scrappincops resources

Candy, String, & Glitter Matt = Dotty Christmas by Brenda Mascari

Sitting Santa = Sleigh Ride by Kristi Westling

Wreath Frame = Jingle Bells by Charlies Digiscraps

Stocking = Joy To The World by Ambowife

Tree, Base Snow, Sign, Snow Drifts from Sign Snow, = Santa Claus Is Coming TO Town by Ellen M Creations

The Awards


Sorry it took so long to pass on the award but I will get to the One From Mitsybelle First. She gave me This Sweet Award.

You Gotta go over to her Blog and snatch up her Freebie Frame Add On For her Gorgeous Kit Green Elegance on Sale for a Mere $3.85! This kit goes Great with your BW's. Plus She has a Fab New Kit Mi Cottage. Perfect for my Country Pictures & it's on Sale! Just $3.50!!!!

So I am short on Bloggy Friends That Blog on a Regular Basis. But here is my go at passing The Award On.

Berny She is Always Good for Good Clean Fun! Plus there is the Cutest Story at her Blog right Now.

Brenda Always there for me even when she is Busy. Miss Those Wednesday Freebies

Melanie Oh Boy is she Creative! Plus she has some new CU Overlays Coming Out Soon. I also had to tap her back with an award since she so graciously gave me the Blog Practices TLC Award. Yes I will get to passing that on in my Next Post

Tammy Gary You are a Sweetie you always hit my LOs at Scrap Outside The Box. Leaving me Plenty of Love!

KimberKat You are Right up there With Tammy. Thanks for all the Love on the Forum and in The Gallery at SAS! Besides This will Get You To Blog some of those CT Pages you are Creating. LOL

Here is the Award Melanie Gave Me


This is harder then the first. LOL I could just list everyone again but that would be No Fun.

Here is a New List Of Fun Award Winners!

Mitsybelle She is such a Great Understanding to CT For Scroll Up for the Skinny about her Blog and Latest Kits

Berny Is a Rerun Because because well Bernys Blog can Make You Think or Just Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside.

Ambowife I have enjoyed exchanging with Ambowife at SAS since before she became a designer there. She gives QP on her Blog. Now she has a new Blog. With Such a Professional name and I wanted to help get the word out! You Go Girl!!!!

Memory Keeper Wow Have You Came A Long Way and Making Sure You Take Everyone Along With You Congrats on all your accomplishments.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the award hun and the plug for the site too!! :) Hugs

Kimberkatt said...

Awwwww.... aren't you just the sweetest!!! Big (((HUGS))) to you for giving me the award!! I promise, I will be responding tomorrow... I had WAY too many layouts to post about today! My resolution is to be a better blogger! LOL! Thanks again Diana! As always, it was a pleasure to visit you! :)

twinsmom1 said...

thank you!! sounds like you have been busy. I am just now waking up to the world. I was smooth worn out after last night at work!! I will get this posted on my blog really soon-as long as tonight is better than last night!!! lots of love to ya!!! tell the lap doggie I think he is a cutie!!!


Tammy Gary said...

Thank you Diana! I am like you, don't have a lot of Blogger friends!

MemoryKeeper said...

.·:*¨¨*:·..·:*¨¨*:·..·:*¨¨*:·. .·:*¨¨*:·.

Thank you thank you thank you! What a sweet gift! I love our cyber-friendship! Super fantastic!

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,

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