Monday, December 22, 2008

Tree Decorating Memory Page
I finished another Challenge at SAS. This one is the Quote Challenge hosted by Mitsybelle. Oh I had to have that Beautiful Christmas Posting Bonus. Since it is Mitsybelles Challenge and I am a CT for her I couldn't help myself, I used Tis The Season by Mitsybelle to make this page. I recolored the background paper. Also I cut the center out of the wreath and added a bevel to it. then I placed the polkadot paper in the center and beveled it and added a blur to it. There where several Quotes to choose from and I picked this one by Burton Hillis "The Best of All gifts Around any Christmas tree:The presence of A happy family All wrapped up in Each other"
The Font for the journaling & Quote on this memory page is benguiat Frisky the Journaling reads "Melynda & Aleene Came To The Ranch To Trim the Tree George Helped WithThe Garland Shawn Hung Lights and Made Cookies Diana Unpacked The Trimmings"

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