Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Friendship Award!
Oakridge Sugar Plum Festival

While I was making my way back to Oregon, My Internet Good Buddy Passed Me a Friendship Award. ;o)
Melanie over at 88 Designs by M has been giving me Sweet Little Nudges to make my own Digital Goodies. I have been inspired by watching her grow in her talents as a Digi Designer. Of Course I just love all her doodles. Just don't see how she does it all with GIMP, but I guess that is one of the things that makes her special.
Thank You Melanie
I Guess I better check out how this one works. More next post.
Yup! You Caught that I Finally Made It To Oregon. Just in Time Too! Yesterday After making a stop at Chemult's Big Mountain Cafe for some of "Those Potatoes" with a side of Gravey, of course. Plus a Slice of Chocolate Cream Pie in a To Go Box! We Happily headed down the Dry Mountain Pass to Oakridge. We pulled into town Spread some Christmas Cheer Enabled some Christmas Garland Downtown and headed for 2 of our local churches to grab a crafty goody and some more Fab Food! Home Made Tamales and Enchiladas. Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
Today we unloaded the firewood and headed back for more Enchiladas and then hopped over to the school for the big Craft Fair Small Town Style. Of course we bought Homemade Fudge, several times. Then there were a few Christmas Presents to round off my Shopping list. (not giving it away) But I can say that one Present I Purchased today is being shipped for me so I know that my Bestest Friend I Have Ever Had will actually get her gift this year. Yeah!!! Oh Yeah More Good Things From This Sweet Lady, She had a magic potion that took the stiffness out of those arthritic knees to make our stroll around the Gym more comfortable ;0)
As I write this I am collecting some of those Christmas Digi Goodies.
Maybe tomorrow after visiting with more friends and hitting a few more crafty events I will feel like Digi Scrapping or Christmas Card Making. Gasp I haven't even unpacked my EHD! I better hurry and get that out! Gotta have room for all those Free Christmas Digi Goodies!

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