Friday, October 31, 2008

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Gotta Have A Couple Memory Pages

This Morning was one of those Ah......Dah.....!!!! Moments. Ya see It rained this morning & I went out to feed in my regular work clothes thinking I won't be out there long enough to get to wet. Ha! I found myself using my work shoes as a rack to move the horse poo out from under the tree where the hay was going so the horses didn't have to stand in the rain to eat. Shoulda brought a manure fork! Than it was off to feed the goats. Low and Behold all the water from the Ranch House Main Gutter was running into the Goat House! So there I was again using my work shoes as a hoe to drag all the stuff out of the ditch that diverts the water away from the goat house. I bet you have a clear picture of what my shoes smell and look like at this point. Yuck!! Why did I go out there in hiking shoes instead of Mud Boots. I do this every year for the first few rains. Non the less the Bright Side is the laundry is getting done, ah my clothes weren't much better off than my shoes. LOL Even Better I was on a roll & Dinner is Marinating & I get to play on the computer while listening to my Relaxing Christian Music. Aw Life is Good.

Tomorrow is a Big Day! We go to town to get a better internet connection. Why would I go to all that trouble? Well SAS is having a DSD Chat at 11am CST & a special Challenge to follow, plus a Huge sale that started today! If that is not reason enough, The Cottage is having a chat also at 6pm EST & Blog Hop. Plus their sale started today as well! I made some Digi Goodies for the party you will have to come back tomorrow to see. So all that said, I say a trip to town is in order! Best part is we are going to Georges Cousins to try the DSL. Then I get to see my Grand Kids after all the Digi Doings! Wow! Tomorrow will be a memorable day :0)

The Story about each Memory Page has a Link to these kits 50% off!!! This weekend starting today! You'll find more about the SAS DSD Party HERE


Now More About Me & My Memory Pages


Yesterday was a Busy Day!!! First thing there where Ranch Chores that HAD to be done! It Rained quite a bit last night and I had to get ready. More about the rain later. After chores, while I was having Horsey Hug Time there was some Ridge Excitement. That kind of excitement I can Live Without but it is Harvest Time! Makes me want to head back to Oakridge & miss my dentist appointment. Alas I am still here. To say the least I was a Little Rattled until the Dogs decided it was safe for them to go to sleep and the Horses went back to grazing.

Digi Scrapping Happened Yesterday! This Memory page of me for the Oct Sasy Self Challenge just snuck in for that Great Posting Bonus from Darlene. The Beautiful Frame and Journal Paper came from Floral Fantasy by Mitsybelle. The Template that I altered came from the Bday Bash Template Challenge and was made by Jessica Navarro. I had to conform it to my 8x8 album size and the small size of my pictures. Speaking of the pictures here was a another project stifled by the fact that I don't have a program to open my old CPT files and I still need to go through and reorganize the files that where in my Creative Memories Program I no longer use. The folder that CM made, makes no sense at all so now I have to go through each and e

very picture and put them in new folders. Ugh!!!
Here is the ATC I made Wednesday for the SAS ATC Challenge the picture was taken on a picnic by the river when we where camping at Happy Trails Cowboy Camp. The kit I used was Falling into Autumn by Brenda Mascari.

So back to the rain. The Fist Real Fall Rain brings Special Visitors. The Rain Beatles come to call!!! Oh Boy more of those critters came a knockin than I have ever seen at one time! Look them up, they are Fascinating & Harmless. You Bet I took pictures this year and a Memory Page to come.

It's Halloween today, you probably knew that. Since we don't celebrate Satans Holiday in our house (we do however celebrate The Harvest) I thought I would share a memory page of George. This adventure was inspired by the SAS Oct Color Challenge put on by Boo (one of my favorite designers) I just had to have that Posting Bonus. LOL Part of the challenge is to use 3 colors from her Palate & I find it easiest to use Boo's Fab Starter Kit or a kit that has been shared by a generous soul. Some times I use both. As always there were some Great Pages & Kits submitted this month. Fate would have it that these photos and the subject of them happened to be hanging around next to the computer last weekend. Some Nostalgia was shared and an Awesome page was born. Using Boos starter kit Miss Marple & The Science Fair by Brenda Mascari. The Science Fair had all the extra elements to pull this memory together.

Wow I was full of sharing today! I wonder who actually made it to the end.

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